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Coffee Education Classrooms

Nestled in Nantou, Taiwan, our the CH Bio Tech Flavor Compound Lab is home to Coffeeland’s Education Center, within a short drive to coffee farmers and tea producers. Our educational programs are a huge part of the Coffeeland mission. Advancing coffee education and engaging with the industry is important to crafting the perfect coffee blends, which is why our Coffee Education Classrooms are so vital for our success.

With the opening of the world's most advanced certified coffee education classrooms, coffee teaching has entered a new age. We have combined our experiences and created a state-of-the-art coffee education and research facility featuring four highly acclaimed SCA certified classrooms that are internationally recognized, technologically advanced, and professionally instructed.

These four facilities include: Barista Coffee Lab, Sensory & Brewing Lab, Post-Processing Lab, Coffee Roasting Lab

Barista Coffee Lab

Our Barista Coffee Lab is home to six professional and competition coffee bars built to World Barista Championship (WBC) specifications. With the most up-to-date world-class espresso machines and premium grinders, students can hone their intuitive barista skills including: proper extraction, milk-steaming and drink presentation. This gives participants the experience they need both in the workforce and in competition settings.

Sensory & Brewing Lab

Our Sensory and Brewing Lab is specifically designed for Q-Grader coffee appraisers, SCA sensory courses and Gold Cup brewing courses. It contains a Red Light cupping area to avoid issues such as roasting color aberration, and noise interference. Some high-spec equipment that can be found here include the HORBA LA-960 Lazer Particle Analyzer, a VST refractometer, and a variety of brewing devices.

Post-Processing Lab

Located near Taiwan’s coffee producing areas, the Post-Processing Lab combines indoor theory with outdoor practice. This lab is host to the CQI Q-Processing certification course to enhance coffee practitioners’ knowledge in harvesting, selection, hulling, fermenting, shelling, grading and storage. It has operation parameters designed for refined processing with high-performance, small-scale hulling and husking machines, as well as a detachable giant coffee fruit model - allowing students to learn the structure of a coffee bean.

Coffee Roasting Lab

Specifically designed for the SCA Italian Coffee Certificate and Champion Roasting Course, this lab is equipped with a variety of coffee roasters with different designs and capabilities - including the Loring Smart S15 Falcon, the GIESEN W6A and the Diedrich IR-1. This enables students to understand thermal conversion efficiency provided by varying heat sources and to gain practical experience with various models. It also includes devices such as moisture meters that analyze the properties of green beans and an Agtron E20-CP color analyzer to measure the roasting degree of roasted coffee.


Our Coffee Classes

Our classrooms provide a unique setting, solely dedicated to the study of coffee. Coffee-enthusiasts can start on the path toward a career in specialty coffee, and become versed in all aspects of production, brewing, roasting or grinding. Students can also receive training for the Q-Grader test, which includes studies in cupping (carefully examining coffee to identify different flavors and aromas), sensory analysis, and study of green beans and grading. Some of our most highly acclaimed classes include our SCA Certification Course, Sensory Skills Course and Coffee Roasting course just to name a few.


    Knowing the process from seed to cup is entry to both the rationality and sensibility behind coffee.


    Champion roasters assist students in mastering all stages of coffee development during roasting.


    Understanding extraction variables allows students to highlight the best flavor in every cup of coffee.


    Learn all things espresso: from optimal coffee extraction to effortless machine operation.


    Become the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ of coffee by honing your senses for peak aptitude.


    Learn about the best management practices for growing healthy coffee plants.


    Committing to high-quality green coffee, this class explores methods for green bean analysis and processing.


    Refine your professional coffee skills through our rigorous 6-course certification under SCA specifications.

  • Our Research Center and Expert Team in Taiwan

    The CH Biotech Flavor Compound Lab in Taiwan is home to our technical research team, a dynamic group of coffee and science professionals - including licensed Q-Graders, coffee roasters and championship baristas - who have dedicated their training and knowledge to advancing the study of coffee. With their guidance and expertise, students are able to obtain the hands-on experience to put their theoretical knowledge to practical use.

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    Enriching Coffee Professionals

    Coffeeland's passion is to further our understanding of the science behind coffee and guide us toward becoming industry leaders in sustainable sourcing and consistent roasting, and brewing methods. Here, students can receive WBC (World Barista Championship) training, get certified in Q- grading and different SCA protocols gaining theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to everything related to the coffee's journey from farm to cup. Classes are offered for a thorough range of coffee topics, including the very basics of coffee processing, cultivation and history; the finest techniques for pulling espresso, latte art and coffee roasting; and the science behind flavors, roasting, and every aspect of a coffee bean.