A Coffee Journey Through Innovation

Since the beginning, coffee has taken us on a journey around the world. We are honored to share this experience with you through a discovery of farming, science and the art of coffee roasting. Providing solutions to coffee producers and consumers through our research background that is fueled by our passion and love for coffee.

All the steps we’ve taken from the land of coffee have led us here.

This is Coffeeland.

Our Journey

The Journey Begins

Welcome To the Farm

The Coffeeland Process

Where Art meets Science

We believe that greatness grows from the ground up. Our research and development background help improve coffee farming at every phase of growth—from seed to blossom to harvest—through our Coffee Growth Program. With advanced agricultural techniques such as monitoring of nutrients and targeted fertilization, coffee flowers and cherries can mature to their full potential with minimal damage due to the environment.

Coffee Blends

Caramel Notes

Caramel Notes

Caramel Notes is an indulgence in a sugary experience. It is the reminiscence of baking in grandma’s kitchen, with the sweet smell of brownies and chocolate chip cookies. With a smooth, silky and buttery taste, Caramel Notes is an exciting way to bring sweetness in your life.

Citrus Notes

Citrus Notes

Citrus Notes takes you to that hot summer day with a refreshing fruity taste. It is a vibrant blend that brings out all the feelings of fun and excitement in the bright sun with family and friends. This lovely light roast is a burst of citrus flavors, with a balanced acidity.

Blue Notes

Blue Notes

Blue Notes is the noble taste and homage to the great classic American coffee. Full-bodied and balanced bittersweet, it is perfect for a cold day by the fireplace. This medium-dark roast is bold and rich. The toasty finish lingers on the mouth, with a hint of red wine.

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